A play about constraints of freedom in which two determined and impulsive characters are searching for a sense of balance and stability.

“Zwaï“ is an artistically spectacular performance which carries the audience away into a bizarre and strange world between bottles, a rope, a table and a diabolo.

Esther and Jonas take you on a graceful and thrilling tour of their rollercoaster emotions with unusual outcomes.

The two young artists offer a lot of Circus and stunning theatre. This is an unforgettable example of "Nouveau Cirque".



press quotes

"the humour of the nip-and-tuck between the Slanzis, makes ZWÄI a very different circus and a highly effective and entertaining one"
The West Australian

"Esther and Jonas Slanzi brings together the best of two worlds. She on the rope, he a master with the Diabolo and the bottles, over the once he balances."

Der Landbote, 21. 11. 2014




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Tour Dates

Avignon OFF 2018
 Présence Pasteur
 20:20 from 6th to 29th july
 Break : 16th July

All dates