Gardi HUTTER: inevitable theater clown, actress, and mime.

Declared a national treasure in her native Switzerland, she has gone on to win awards throughout the world. The wonder of her art is less in what she does (much of which defies useful description) than in the precision, specificity, and extraordinary physicality of how she does it. She's so completely in the moment, at every moment, that she almost seems surprised at the results of some of her schemes.

Her facial expressions alone would make a show—and get a laugh. Her clown is timeless.

“Gardi Hutter is a solar woman. She is a clown, a rarely artist. Since 25 years old, she makes run the public and the crowd because we love this tragic, comic and crazy character who is dreaming about a gorgeous destiny. Gardi the beautiful proclaims Jeanne the ugly. In fact, for

a woman become ugly on stage is a subversive act.

press quotes

“A magnificent burlesque. Comedy as it should be.” LE FIGARO

Gardi Hutter, an artist who hides behind her red nose the unshakeable belief” MIRUNA COCA COZMA

“There is, first and foremost, her look, the Gardi style. And the surprises have only just begun. With Gardi, nonsense makes perfect sense.” FIGARO

“There is in Gardi, the pertinence of Zouc, the tragic comedy of Becassine, the naïve fragility of Harpo in the style of Groucho. Don't miss it!” LE NOUVEL OBSERVATEUR  



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