machine de cirque

Five men have survived the apocalypse. Their ultimate quest is to find other survivors. Their way to salvation is a most astouding machine.
In this spare-parts world, they creatively compete to retain a sliver of humanity.
Armed with their talent for acrobatics and ingenuity, you'll see how they get around in this world without women and computer.

Sometimes comical, sometimes nostalgic, these wacky characters masterfully manipulate various props such as a teeterboard, juggling clubs, a drum kit and even a bath towel !

They don't hesitate to bare themselves, ready to scour their soul as well as their bodies to make you laugh, to move you and especially to dazzle you.
Machine de Cirque, a new Quebec City Company, presents a general-audience show that is both poetic and humorous.

Press Quotes

" Rarely is there an ensemble that can so stunningly give a nod to tradition before blowing it off for something more inventive. "  NEW HAVEN INDEPENDENT

“Acrobatic prowess, touching and humorous theatrical moments – everything to make this production a success.”  LE SOLEIL, QUEBEC CITY

“[...] breath-taking, funny, charming, nostalgic, and touching.” INFOCULTURE, QUEBEC CITY



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25 ET 26 JANV 2018
27 ET 28 JANV 2018
30 ET 31 JANV 2018
2, 3 ET 4 FEV 2018
6 FEV 2018
8 FEV 2018