Orto-Da - STONES

STONES is a poetic journey, through minds and memories that will take you back from nowadays to the past.
The Warsaw guetto's rebels, sculpted in the stones that comes to life and starts an intimate journey through consciousness and time, propelling the characters into the 21st centurey, with for only baggage, an historic collective memory.

STONES is an original surprising human show full of strong images, a bitter-sweet show where laughing goes alongside emotion, and today flirts with yesterday.

The show has been acclaimed and recognized through several awards in various international festivals.

Press Quotes

Orto-Da theatre share a highly creative and rare mime show, original, intense and poetic. LA TERRASSE

STONES is a poetic and political show. You leave it disturbed, and it touches even deeper. FRANCE 2

The smallest detail, the smallest move, is drawn with a poetical touch, allegoria and humour. LE PROVENCE



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