Paolo Nani - The Letter

Internationally Paolo Nani's THE LETTER is the most touring Danish performance ever. It was produced in 1992 in co-operating with Nullo Facchini, director of Teater Cantabile2, and since then it has been touring in most of the European countries, as well as Chile, Iceland, Greenland, Croatia and Turkey. 

THE LETTER has been named cult and classic by the international press and it is still attracting a big number of audiences from all cultures, of all ages.

THE LETTER is a very simple performance: The same story told in 15 entirely different ways: Drunk, western style, silent film, without hands, horror, back to front, circus, surprised, vulgar, magical, etc. But all the variations have two things in common: No words are spoken and the result is ludicrous.

During the performance it soon becomes clear that the strength of the act is the contact between the actor and the audience, which rises to a 'crescendo' of games and surprises.


Press Quotes

THE LETTER, a small comedy masterpiece.” Il Giornale, Milan


“Paolo Nani, a master of wordless theatre.” ABC, Madrid, 1997


“Paolo Nani is a virtuoso.” Frankfurter Rundschau, Frankfurt.


“Paolo Nani, the quintessence of comedy. He is considered one of the few masters of the contemporary physical theatre. THE LETTER, a perfect miracle of precision and talent - in world tour since 1992 - is a kind of encyclopedia of comedy.” Live Milano, Milan





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2 mars 2018