A clown duo entirely dedicated to achieving the unintended. These Belgians have toured throughout Europe and the world bringing the comic adventures of Wurre Wurre to Canada, Africa, Japan and Australia.

We haven't seen them together for a few of years, so don't miss this reunion if you love laughter and nonsense. 

“Kings of the subversive, acrobats of the soul, flying without a net, they are masters of every comic register: situation, character, text, they can do it all... Make a date with the absurd,” LIBERATION

“Their language and their logic run off the track as in Ionesco, Devos or Topor. They pursue

their illogical logic beyond all limits of reason and rationality until we are joyfully smacked in the face by the realization that their nonsense makes perfect sense.” LE CANARD ENCHAINE

press quotes

“Don't miss it!” TELERAMA

“Masters of the absurd.” THE TIMES

“A pure delight!” LIBERATION



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